Shipping Policy

One of the top online retailers is The shearling Jacket, which sells its items to everyone worldwide without making any distinctions. After final approval and payment clearance, it typically takes 10 to 15 business days to get it to you. After the order has dispatched, we also give you tracking details and shipping information since we value our customers.


Free shipping is available worldwide with The shearling Jacket. However, if you need your order urgently, there will be a charge. Also, our urgent delivery takes only 6-8 business days until it arrives at your doorstep.


We send a confirmation email to our customers with the order receipt once they place an order to simplify and make things easier. Order confirmation and other information are included in the order receipt. If, after placing your order, you do not receive a notification with these facts, you may assume that there were technical difficulties or errors that prevented you from registering your order. Therefore, if such a situation arises, you may quickly get in touch with our customer support team to ask about your order.


The email you receive after the product is confirmed will provide information regarding the delivery schedule. You will receive the stated time in the email.


We rely on you to give us your correct contact information, including your mailing address and other relevant details, to ensure the delivery is appropriate and prompt. These details will help us get in touch with you as soon as possible. For shipping purposes, you must provide us with your exact permanent dwelling address. You need to submit the order again in these circumstances because the product won’t be sent or processed until you receive the confirmation email. 


We have partnered with the most dependable and skilled services, including FedEx, DHL, Skynet, and others, to provide our customers with the best possible service. We also give our customers an email with information about tracking and shipment as soon as the goods leave our facility so they can keep tabs on their orders. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to pick up the order at your home, you may designate another person to do so by letting us know. So that they can sign and receive your product on your behalf after we send it to them.


Since The shearling Jacket is an international retailer, we have operations in several continents, including Asia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. No matter where you receive your product, our Quality Control Team will always inspect it. Your order will also be shipped internationally to ensure prompt arrival. In addition, you can claim for it if you discover a flaw in our product or if you are not entirely pleased with it after reading our Return And Exchange Policy.


One of our policies also states that you shouldn’t worry if the buyer doesn’t receive the product or if you can’t track it as expected since we’ll restore your credit to your credit card or PayPal account or send a replacement shipment.