Return and Exchange Policy

The shearling Jacket is a masterpiece in and of itself, and it is one of the top brands on the internet. Our return and exchange policy is in place to provide our clients with the best services possible. Before buying a product, you must review the return and exchange policy listed below:

Customers can exchange the product if they have a problem with the size after receiving it;

But it’s important to remember:

► Within 24 hours of the item’s arrival, the customer must notify the size issue. After 24 hours of delivery, no returns will be accepted.

► There will be no returns or exchanges if the product size corresponds to the measures on our chart and the buyer selected the incorrect size and measurement. OR the consumer must pay 50% of the charges as the payment in the alternative.

► The store will be accountable for it and for exchange if the size issue is on their end, such as if the product does not fit according to your measurement. It acknowledged, nonetheless, that the buyer must submit the request within 24 hours of the product’s arrival.

► As is common knowledge, occasionally, some errors or glitches cause the product’s colour to differ from the photographs. So, if the colour of your goods differs from the one in the online representation, send a picture of the item you ordered within 24 hours to be eligible for a return or refund. If the consumer reports a fault with the product within 24 hours of its arrival, we will either replace the product or refund the money, depending on availability.

► Only in these situations would the shipment of your product be done at our expense if the product was damaged during shipping or for any other cause by our side. It should mentioned that you must email and contact us within 24 hours of the arrival of your merchandise if it is damaged.

► We have a convenient return and exchange policy to start. So, if you have any questions or discover any problems with your purchase, please email us. We will answer your questions as soon as possible for a customer service representative, who will respond promptly. If a customer cancels a purchase within 24 hours, we’ll credit your account with the 100% amount.

► You have 24 hours to cancel an order after placing it if you change your mind or for any other reason. If a customer cancels their order within 24 hours, we will credit their account with the 100% amount. However, the following terms take effect if a consumer does not cancel a purchase within 24 hours:

► 25% of the buyer’s paid amount will deducted if the product cancels after 24 hours.

► 35% of the buyer’s payment will deducted if the product is cancelled three days following verification.

► If a buyer cancels after a week of confirmation, there won’t be a refund.

► However, there will be a deduction of 50% from the buyer’s paid amount if a client is permitted to cancel the product after a week of confirmation in certain exceptional situations.

► If a customer wants to swap a jacket for any reason, notably a size issue, within three days, we’ll provide them with a free replacement in the proper size; however, the buyer will be responsible for paying the shipping costs for the return, which will vary depending on the size and weight of the item.

► The goods must be returned by the customer in their original packaging. Additionally, no tags should be eliminated. No return is given if the consumer discovers the item is broken or worn.

► In addition, the consumer will be obliged to return or exchange the product to the region and warehouse from where it was shipped. So, the relevant staff may be held responsible.

► First of all, there are no delivery fees for the merchandise. You should be aware, nevertheless, that we only cover the cost of shipping when we deliver the item ourselves. Therefore, the buyer is responsible for paying the full cost of shipping in any case involving a return or exchange shipment.

► Customers can take advantage of the return and exchange policy by simply emailing us images of the defective products and describing any issues they find with the color, pattern, design, and size of the product if they discover a fault on our end.

Note: Within 24 hours of the product’s arrival, the following issues should be raised.

► No return, refund, or exchange policy will be considered if a buyer orders a product solely to test it out.

► The return of the product will not be accepted if there is no defect with it and the consumer intends to do so only because they dislike the item.

► The customer must read the following terms that will be used if they need to return a product due to a problem:

► Customized items are not returnable.

Our shop only accepts payments in US dollars. As a result, if a customer pays in a different currency, then the amount will be converted to US dollars.

► Purchases will not be produced for 10–12 days if they do not reply to any of our correspondence on the production of the product.

► Their order will be canceled after the deadline, and 50% of their amount will be returned. Only 50% of the paid money will be reimbursed, even if the client calls after the designated period and requests that the order be canceled.

► If a customer ignores any emails or questions regarding the product’s shipment or the confirmation of its shipment, then:

  • Either the product’s delivery will be delayed for an unknown period, or only 50% of the amount will be returned, if they ask to cancel the order after the shipping has already stopped. 


  • The supplied delivery address will receive a direct delivery of the merchandise. When a customer inquires about a product that was mentioned in a confirmation email after the product has been delivered, the store will not take their question, accept their return, or issue a refund because, they were already informed about it via the confirmation email and no response given on their behalf.

► We wouldn’t approve the merchandise for return if the customer has taken off all the product tags.

► Our inspection team looks at every aspect of the product, from the stitching to the colour, design, and pattern. As a result, if you continue to have issues with the product, please email us at the address provided and let us know.

► Additionally, the product’s return shipping will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

Note: These following issues should be discussed within 24 hours of the product’s arrival.

► Although we provide free shipping on all of our products to make it easier for our customers, each region still has its own customs policies and regional fees that the buyer must be aware of and pay.